Saturday, August 17, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 6 Session 2

After attending over 10 lessons, I began to turn a deaf ear to most of the advises from instructors. The reason is clear, their advises contradicts and are different from each instructors. Some tell you to do more, some tells you no need. I began to become uncertain about what I should do, and have doubts about whether I should follow, so in the end I take each advises with a pinch of salt.

Some of instructors disappeared after informing us to go for our own practise at the circuit (after the road assessment), I seriously wonder where they went.

For those instructors who were idling around, they did noise pollution by revving their motorcycles and start doing stunts dangerously on 1 wheel! Such actions really puzzles students because in the class trainers preach to ride safely and not to create noise pollution.

Coming back to this blog about my 2nd attempt on lesson 6. I tried my best on the lane changing, and somehow did get the hang of not changing the lanes abruptly. The traffic along Woodlands Ave 9 can be quite challenging sometimes, I almost couldn't change lane today! I waited a while and took the opportunity at the right time! Well, that was my weakest and I did it correctly. 

I successfully passed this session. Moving on to the last lesson. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 6 Session 1

This lesson is similar to lesson 3 part 2, familiarization of the road test route and assessment of the route.

The road assessments will cover areas that can't be tested in the circuit, such as 
1) non-controlled environment / real traffic
2) lane changing
3) U-turn at traffic junction 
4) tackling traffic at filter lanes

Frankly, for experience drivers, these are not uphill challenges. It's just getting the route right and ensure the proper handling and techniques are used appropriately.

For this 1st attempt, I failed. The dual instructors commented the same thing about me. 
a) Changing lane abruptly
b) turning right at traffic junction when "turn right" green arrow was blinking

Actually, I was marked by the duo at the point when my motorcycle engine stalled while attempting to u-turn. It's just my luck. Oh well, try harder the next round!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 5 Session 1 (Night)

Had a 1 week break because there wasn't much night lessons for a fortnight after my last lessons.

It was my first time on the road for riding a motorcycle. Before we start the lesson, our instructor gave us a lengthy briefing. This is because, in my opinion, it will be difficult to teach us while on the road. We were briefed on:
1. 6 bikes form up before exiting the school compound, be sure to stop at the line even there isn't any vehicles.
2. Lane changing to throttle up when changing.
3. Maximum speed on road shall follow all on road speed limit.
4. U-turn with wide divider and narrow divider has different approach in turning.
5. Safety distance to be observed.
6. We should be careful when approaching the filter lanes.

Our group was pretty big so we got split up into 2 groups. Before we move off, we had to secure rain-wears on our motorcycle. Since we have to ride on road, we need to switch to high beam. All checks on lights and fuel gauge has to be done, to avoid unnecessary undesirable situations on road.

Off we go! Its a very nerve wreaking experience riding for the first time at night, even for a experience driver like me. A wrong mistake and wrong judgement can put me into a spot that many won't want to be in. There are 2 instructors guiding each group, one would lead, the other would teach. Off and on, I had made mistakes here and there, but overall I was trying my best to be consistent.

When riding into the right turn pocket, we have to position into the middle of the pocket, not too right or left. Safety distance shall be observe at all times! Don't chase the person in front.

At one point of time, a taxi behind me sound off his horn. I wasn't hogging the lane anyway!

The instructors told us all of us weren't that good, but some of us had been consistently demonstrating good riding, hence I passed this lesson on the first night run!

Next lesson will be after the National Day! Happy holidays to all who are reading this! Selamat Hari Raya!