Saturday, July 27, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 4 Session 2

All of us learn from mistakes and shall try not to make the same again.

There seemed to be a lack of instructors this morning, but then again, the instructors told us our group is small today, hence we get to have 2 rounds of warm up!

While I thought its like a bonus, boy was I wrong. The circuit is chalked up with lotsa other vehicles! Since I know our numbers are being lined up from smallest to the biggest, I took an earlier number but not the first. Some told me Circuit Revision would be a wise choice to take before taking up this lesson. I beg to differ. If you are confident of Lesson 3 Part 2, I say just go for this lesson.

Seems like 2 warm ups were better than 1. I tried my best, and I passed. After this is all road, I should plan some Circuit Revisions.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 4 Session 1

It's a different atmosphere for lesson 4. There were aplenty of people here taking assessment today. The 1.05 pm Saturday time slot seemed to be a favorite time for all of us, include class 2A and class 2 riders. Gosh it's so eventful.

For us class 2b, we were given 1 round of practise before we were rounded up into the motorcycle briefing room. In the room, the lead instructor mentioned to us to take note of the 4 hand signals and 2 blinker lights at the following locations:
1) starting point
2) figure 8
3) crank course
4) narrow plank
5) emergency brake (blinker)
6) pylon salom (blinker)

The order of move is from smallest to bigger numbers, luckily I was not the 1st person in line. The circuit isn't different from lesson 3 part 2, so it's just a matter of how the instructors assesses you. There were instructors at all the stations, and it feels intimidating being assessed... Knowing that I might make stupid mistakes there and then.. Haha! Then again, who doesn't, but in the eyes of assessor, mistakes can costs lives, and probably our own life.

I fell off the narrow plank, that's how I failed. 

Was I bad at it? 


How did I fell? 

Speed too slow. 

Why so slow? 

I wanted to pass the station. 

Anyway, I fell and its immediate failure, 'nuff said.
As long as we know where our mistakes are, we can try harder next time. Mistakes are to be made in school because life has little tolerance for them. That sounds like a quote! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 3 Part 2 Session 2

Managed to have a night lesson, and we were all brought into the simulation again, but the class wasn't big.

The digital course is different from the previous run. Instead of engaging bends and do e-brake, there's traffic lights and on going traffic. During my run, there was a scenario of a car exiting from the petrol station but block by a truck. Luckily for me, my driving experience of over 10 years tells me to slow down.

So all of us went down to level 1 circuit again for the non-paper instructor assessment. It's just like the previous time, but I managed to do all courses correctly, and passed.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Riding Theory Test (Attempt 1)

Nervous as anyone would be, I took a day's leave to mentally prepare myself for the 3.15pm test. While I seriously have nothing to do in the morning, I thought someone would sell their precious lesson to me! I have to wait till next Thur, which somehow a lot of booking slots suddenly became available.
I booked 2 theory practises before the tests to warm up and jog my memory, and was glad that I did. There were a few questions that I did not chosen the correct answers, and had quickly learnt my mistakes.

Although I paid for all of the theory test practises, but these were all refunded back after I completed them each time.

Finally I went into the test room. 1st time after so many years, I skipped Basic Theory test due to my Class 3 license.

After showing the Malay Auntie my IC, she gave me a slip of paper showing my name, IC number, test date and time, AND my test station and login 4 digit password 2608... must go buy 4D if pass. So I went to Station 54 assigned to me.

A video briefing on the projector was shown before the test and we were taught how to use the system.
And so it starts....  after 10 minutes, I completed 50 questions, and ended the test with full marks 50/50! Thank you theory practises and the jovial instructors who made me remembered some points during the theory lessons. If they are reading this, as Lee would go, "All I want to say is.." thank you. 

The printing machine next to the TP office is broken, so I couldn't print my results, but it was said that the printing of results are optional.

Oh well, I passed! That's all that matters.