Thursday, June 16, 2016

Class 2 Traffic Police Test

The wait for Class 2 TP test is by far the shortest of the 3 motorcycle Classes. I completed my lesson 3 assessment on 29 May and I only waited for 2.5 weeks! It is again a first attempt for me and I have passed my Class 2! Hooray!

Traffic Police test for Class 2

After the Circuit Revision n on Sunday, I realized there are notes pasted on Level 5 on what to bring for the test.
1) NRIC / passport
2) Driving license

4.05am Work up anxiously awaiting for the test! What is going on with me? Tossed and turned ...

5.00am I get out of bed and started making breakfast. This time I decided to make a sumptuous meal... Actually I had egg and bread. 

6.10am I began putting on my riding gear.

6.25am Left for SSDC. Along the way, saw dark and gloomy clouds moving. I got caught in the drizzle and decided to accelerate a little. 

6.50am reached SSDC, saw a few students on level 5. 

7am Instructor Nizal shown us a list of our names and our pre-assigned number. Spoke to a fellow abang, the young chap was more anxious than me and he was shivering! I was number 3, so we had to take our respective number tag and surrender our NRIC and Driving License. We were briefed by Nizal the test today only have Class 2A and Class 2; there are 13 Class 2 but insufficient bikes, so we have to rotate the warm up.

7.15am All of us were told to go down to level 1 and start our warm up.I rode for about 2 rounds on the test route and started circling the test stations. 

7.40am We were round up, parked our bike and gathered at the Figure 8 station. The other instructor rode 1 round to demonstrate the needful while Nizal spoke to us on some common mistakes to watch out. We were given a briefing on test routes. 

8.05am We were given another opportunity to continue the riding and learn from the pointers which Nizal had given us. However, due to the lack of motorcycles, I had shared mine with another rider (No.12). He had not have an opportunity to ride just now and was waiting. Anyway, I felt I had adequate practice so even when he came back to the start point at 8.25am, I told him to continue practice. 

8.50am We went to the Motorcycle Test Waiting area, and were told to take out our number tags. We could go for a break until 9am. So I went to the canteen and had a warm Kopi-O kosong as the sleepy bug is getting into me! 

9am We went back into the waiting area and started QnA, chit chat and talk about some Ramadan special tips. The conversation went on to spice up the atmosphere to ensure all 24 riders pass the test! LOL.

9.30am We picked up our gloves and wore our number tags, and went over to the "Push bike area" One instructor demonstrated how to put down and subsequently lift up a Honda CB400, and push it a around two cones in a figure 8 shape.

9.40am Test started. There were 5 testers, each given 5/6 riders to confirm IC number. I read out my IC and was returned my NRIC card. One by one, starting from No. Tag 1, we pushed the bike around the 2 cones. After I done mine pushing, I return to the room and picked up my helmet, and went to the starting point. The dark clouds seemed to over the building and the area seemed dark. 

9.55am The riding test commence. I was third, so was not too long when I started my route. Throughout my test, I did not spotted any mistakes nor did I think I went over/before the time limit. Lucky thing was I didn't had any immediate failure. I could feel drizzling from the rain during the test. 

10.05am Completed my test. Return my number tag at level 1 along with others waiting at the starting point area. Had a hour long break and was told to return by 11am. So I went back to the canteen and wanted Mee Rebus, but nobody was manning the stall. I had bee hoon instead. About 10.20am, the rain started pouring. Some of the riders were wet. No instructions to put on raining gear, I guess not necessary anyway. 

10.55am last person (number tag 26) returned and we started waiting. The testers only started to come in at 11.05am. The guy No.12 who was using my bike was wiped out, he came back and spoke to the instructors that testers said his bike rolled back at the slope station. Wah, like that also can. He said it was not true, but did not defend his stand. Then he went off. All the best to him!

12pm Finally, the instructor announced "Congratulations, all of you have passed!" and again we watched a mandatory video about road safety and accidents, and theft incidents. 

Class 2 license completed, new sticker pasted over my license for the third time. Three years ago I started Class 2B training and finally I finished Class 2. Probably I might go for Harley Davidson Street 750 which Captain America is riding the movies nowadays, seemed kinda cool!