Friday, July 05, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Riding Theory Test (Attempt 1)

Nervous as anyone would be, I took a day's leave to mentally prepare myself for the 3.15pm test. While I seriously have nothing to do in the morning, I thought someone would sell their precious lesson to me! I have to wait till next Thur, which somehow a lot of booking slots suddenly became available.
I booked 2 theory practises before the tests to warm up and jog my memory, and was glad that I did. There were a few questions that I did not chosen the correct answers, and had quickly learnt my mistakes.

Although I paid for all of the theory test practises, but these were all refunded back after I completed them each time.

Finally I went into the test room. 1st time after so many years, I skipped Basic Theory test due to my Class 3 license.

After showing the Malay Auntie my IC, she gave me a slip of paper showing my name, IC number, test date and time, AND my test station and login 4 digit password 2608... must go buy 4D if pass. So I went to Station 54 assigned to me.

A video briefing on the projector was shown before the test and we were taught how to use the system.
And so it starts....  after 10 minutes, I completed 50 questions, and ended the test with full marks 50/50! Thank you theory practises and the jovial instructors who made me remembered some points during the theory lessons. If they are reading this, as Lee would go, "All I want to say is.." thank you. 

The printing machine next to the TP office is broken, so I couldn't print my results, but it was said that the printing of results are optional.

Oh well, I passed! That's all that matters.

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