Friday, July 04, 2014

Jalan Malu Malu. Kampung Malu Restaurant

Its a really random thing that we decided to have a go at this place. Its impossible to reach there by public transport so easily, so its either taxi or your own wheels. Unless... let me come to that later.

Its a really ulu place that I cannot imagine how it survived, but its really crowded most of the time. I heard you have to make reservation on weekends or you have to get your food to go.

While its my first time here, and we had the unsatisfying dinner at Geylang, so we came by and have a go at the highly recommended Pork Knuckles from our friend.

This is off Jalan Sendudok if you are coming from Sembawang Road. Its at the junction of Jalan Sendudok and Jalan Malu-malu.

The place is totally old school without air-conditioning. So I'll try to avoid that place if its a really warm day. There are about 20 tables with some fairly large tables that have more than 10 seats. I did see those taken up by large group of people including families!

Here's the pork knuckles!

The meat is rather dry to me without the fat.

The dish is $18 today (if you're reading this in the future, it might change, obviously isn't it?). The skin is really crackling crispy, and if you have a stab of it with the meat and the fats, its really awesome. I mean, its really awesome, and I have said that earlier. Awesome. However, if you happened to be nice at the table and just ate a bit of the meat, its kinda dry to me. I have tried many places with pork knuckles, I think the Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub at B1 of United Square serves one of the best pork knuckles. 

 For some nostalgia feel of the olden days, this place serves pretty decent food I have to say. No wonder it still draws a huge crowd despite its not really cooling. Oh by the way, if you dislike smoking, some of the staff there smoke in there where you eat. They don't walk around and smoke, they confined it to the central island counter but the smell travels, so you might want to sit away from there, even though its at the center.

Having said all the above, its Awesome! and I'm going back there again and again. 

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