Friday, July 04, 2014

Geylang Lor 9. Frog Leg Porridge and Beef Hor Fun

Its been a while and I think I like to warm up myself in this blog again, before I embark on my 2A journey. For the fellow riders and learners reading this, I can't emphasize enough, please ride safely and watch out for stupid motorists (including stupid selfish riders).

My mates and I met up at Geylang Lor 9 to visit the famous food there, frog leg porridge and beef hor fun. To our dismay, the taste we were familiar with previously few years ago were gone!

Frog legs with spring onions

Gong bao spring onions (Not spicy at all, just a bit)

Of course, the porridge!

Beef hor fun

Well, Sgt LC said "Frog porridge and beef hor fun sux. Never going back there again. The food is so bad that it is totally not worth making the trip there. Last time the hor fun got the wok hei taste, now totally gone." I gotta say I totally agree what he said.

Anyway, I find its still edible. I'm seriously not a fan of chilli and hot spices, sometimes I could eat good dishes with hot spices. The gong bao frog leg was actually tasty for me, probably I was hungry after work. The frog leg with spring onions was actually below average, I don't know what the chef was thinking! I didn't get the Wow factor from it at all. 

I didn't find the beef hor fun familiar at all. Last time I ate it, the kway teow had that burnt taste with a bit of msg or salt. This time its so bland and mediocre I won't advise anyone to visit it. 

So, we went off unsatisfied with our dinner, and hope to have something better next time. Then someone suggested to go Malu Malu. See my next post coming up!

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