Thursday, February 27, 2014

Waterproof camera for motorcycle

Recorded video is the best evidence, and so we've seen it so much of it on the internet and TV. No matter how much we try to explain, the recorded video will awe many people and to the extend make people drop their jaws uttering OMG.

At the moment, the following caught my eye:
1) GoPro Hero3+
2) Drift HD Ghost S (Late 2013 model)
3) Sony Action Cam
4) SJ4000 (Somewhat a cam that looks identical to GoPro) but a lot cheaper.

There are many others out there. Check out SingaporeBikes forum discussion.

I like Juvena Huang's review and her vlog (see below), almost made my choice even firmer.

I liked the design between Drift HD Ghost-S and Sony Action Cam. So I had to find out how they are fitted to the helmets for most riders around the world. After much viewing of images done, I think Drift HD Ghost-S is the best camera for me.
1) It doesn't require a housing and is waterproof (up to 3m for 30 minutes)
2) Doesn't require an arm to be stick-onto the helmet for holding the camera. There's a adhesive mount that could allow you to attach the cam next to the helmet.
3) The lens of the cam can be rotated to adjust the view of the recording for the helmet.
Here, view this: for some reason, I couldn't put that video in this blog. Thanks to Juv and DSN, I decided to buy it.

Anyway, Juv mentioned in her blog that Motoworld sells it. So I gave them a called and discovered they want to bring in Ghost-S and the shipment will arrive in April 2014. After they said it will cost $750 and required me to put a deposit of $150 if I like to "Pre-order", I hesitated. They added I would be given freebies for this "Pre-order". I think I could get it cheaper elsewhere, which I did eventually, good to have friends in different parts of the world. Obviously I won't get the "local warranty", but I think it should be fine.

I'm now shopping for accessories and hope to have it install somewhere else also, like my car, bicycle helmet, etc.

Great stuff! Thanks Juv and DSN and the team at Drift Innovation.


Juvena said...

Hi Walking Bee,

Happened to chance upon your blog. I am glad that my review is useful. I am not sure if you have bought the camera, my friend bought the Ghost S from Motoworld two months ago and it cost less than $750.


WalkingBee said...

Yeah, I bought it overseas because I didn't want to wait. Then I went back for something else, and saw they were selling less than what they told me previously. That's because the $750 was a premium with add-ons, hence the camera alone was less than that. Oh well, I didn't want any premium in the first place.

But hey! Ghost-S is cool! Thanks again for your review on that!