Sunday, June 16, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 3 Session 1

Sunday 10.30am, hate this session due to Sun ray and rising temp. No choice as this is the best available slot. All night and Saturday classes taken up, I wonder if this is due to June holidays?
Class again is too big, so split into 2. Part 1 of lesson 3 was:
1) e-brake at 30km
2) crank course / narrow course
3) figure 8
other than figure 8, I failed utterly at the other 2.
1)  e-brake at 30km : revving up gear 1 and 2 in a short time, at best effort going up to 40km was a tremendous feat for me. And attempting to e-brake after such short distance ... brings back fear from my high speed bicycle fall in April 2011. I couldn't overcome the fear, and didn't have success. 
Naim advise was, picking up speed was good. Must keep in mind the sequence, close throttle but don't clutch in because free wheeling will make the distance longer. After closed throttle, engage both brakes not too hard to lock the wheels and skid, but enough to make the speedy emergency brake. 
2) crank course in gear 2, it's not tough at all. It's odd sometimes when I start to bank left, my left foot will force the gear level to tap down into neutral gear... Then Murphy's law took over, bike slowed down and rattled, I lost the momentum in seconds and consequently lost my balance. I wonder what's wrong, I just so hate when that happens!

Anyway, my schedule could only allowed me to book the next lesson on Friday afternoon, hope I pass!

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