Friday, June 21, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 3 Session 2

Suhaimi is the coolest instructor in SSDC, 'nuff said. Well, I passed due to his good advises.

Wrap up on improvement I had taken note of:

1) e-Brake
Rev up to enough speed (30-35km/hr), take a peek at speedometer while maintaining the speed. After reaching the yellow line with cones,
 a) look straight, keep posture right, apply all 3 brakes, front brake 60%, rear 40%, engine brake natural course. 
 b) Before stopping, apply clutch, look forward, keep posture right, don't lean forward, and don't change gear.

2) figure 8
a) Close throttle and clutch in together, change up gear 2, cancel signal before crossing dotted line.
b) maintain speed, and throttle up in the center before turning into 2nd half of the figure 8.
c) signal left before crossing dotted line
d) check right for incoming traffic.
e) stop if necessary, otherwise check back on blind spot and continue turn left. 

3) crank course
My least favourite segment.
a) Close throttle and clutch in together, change up gear 2, and turn left immediately.Signal can remained switch on throughout. 
b) throttle slightly before each bending.
c) before exit, check traffic on right before turn left.
Why my least favourite segment? Once I bend on the first left, the gravitational force make me involuntary step down the gear into neutral or gear 1. Such incident caused me to loose momentum and wobble, sometimes my foot have to step down. Of course I don't know which gear I'm in. Anyway, this lesson I was using the old bikes, everything was smooth, and I passed lesson 3 part 1

Trysell immediate booking works! Maybe because of the haze, somebody tried to sell off the lesson. I got 1 in morning tomorrow! 

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