Sunday, June 02, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 1 Session 3

I really like having lesson at 8.15am, it's not so hot and there's not much people... At least for my session. There were 4 people in my session, 1 of them was from the first session! He also had the same plans as me to take lessons over the weekends. 1 of the middle age man had a class 2 days ago, apparently he was taking night classes. He said (with hand chopping actions) he would like to clear his practical lessons quickly. Somehow, I was quite inspired by his "passion" in learning.

Session 3, first half hour was on the outer circuit again. But this time a bit different. We went round and round for 10-15 minutes. Our instructor Mr Chua was very professional, I think the best of the 3 sessions. He was patience in teaching and guiding, and not shy to point out mistakes and improvement. At least I know I lack the throttle up when changing gears. 

After we got into motion of changing gears, we went on to stop by the side from high gear traveling. This went on for another half hour.

After that, 3 out of the 4 of us were single out and we went into the circuit on level 3. Chua led us in and brought us onto the slope. The slope technique is similar to the car, since we only have 2 feet, one is one the clutch and the other is on the accelerator, the hand will have to control the hand brake after we get the power and biting point. The motorcycle is left hand on the clutch, right hand on the throttle, and right foot on the rear brake, quite the reverse huh? But it's still the same 3 area of control. After the slope, stopping at the white line is at half of the speedometers gauge from our line of sight to the line. Thereafter signal left, check and move another round again. 

After a few rounds, the lessons ended, and all gathered at the level 5 counter. Mr Chua announced that the 3 of us who went into the circuit had completed lesson 1. That's good news! He said subsequently whenever we completed each lesson, we need to check the practical lessons booking before continuing. He said sometimes the system had not update our status in time, we might not be able to book our actual next lesson. Good point Chua!

Coming back to my inspiration, I'm going to try booking the night session, probably that could hasten my learning.

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