Thursday, June 06, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 2 Session 1

1st night session, 1st time in the rain, there's always a 1st time. I have the faintest idea that a good warm up was done, because we were busy wearing our rain jackets and trousers, and the number tags have to wear on the jacket. While I struggled with my helmet and glasses and gloves, I saw my instructor and class went to a further part of the parked motorcycles.
Just as I doubled my pace to a bike, my class left. And I got onto a bike without a side mirror, which I parked it again, and got another nearby bike. Sigh, Murphy's law... Then I scrambled off chasing my class, and tried to find them.... In the rain!
It seems like we went a few rounds of  outer circuit as warming up, and went downstairs to level 2. I seemed to have lost my orientation and saw my class went through a unfamiliar area. There wasn't any guidance and I just went ahead to the area.
As I throttle into the area, immediately I seemed to have brushed against something and I couldn't steer my handlebar correctly. Losing my balance, I fell off my bike but managed to land on my right foot standing first.
Then the instructor came and asked if it was my first session for lesson 2? It was quite irresponsible of him to only ask that now isn't it?
I shifted my bike to the side and started to notice the area. I fell off at this metal long thingie and my tire was brushing against it, and what is this metal thing?
I saw my class got onto it one by one slowly and trying to balance while riding on it. Then instructor explained,
a) First part, narrow plank, ride half clutch in 6 sec
b) after that next section, pylons, ride through in less than 6 sec.
After composed myself, I tried both and realised it wasn't east to balance on the narrow plank.
So the whole lesson were mainly,
a) cross narrow plank in 6 sec
b) 4 pylons in less than 6 sec in gear 2
c) stop at mid slope and move off
d) observe all traffic rules
I was told my narrow plank timing was 4.8 and 5.6 sec, what a good achievement I think!
Results of this session are all above items were ok, except (a) which I need to slow down another 1 more sec. That puzzled me, which I thought in 6 sec... anyway I know I want more practice too, so that's fine.

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