Saturday, May 25, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Defensive Riding Lesson 6

Finally, my last DRLT. Today's instructor Low KY seemed to have taken the class since 8.20am! Since I had attended lesson 5, I joined the class for lesson 6 at 10.30am. I spotted Kopi's wife sitting in front of the projector, and was wondering why did she sit so front.

Low's class was enjoyable. A large part of lesson 6 was all videos, and we were shown 6-7 videos at 1 go. As I had mentioned in my previous post, the instructors also would share a lot of their experiences. Among the 3 DRTL, Low had created a great impression (other than Eugene Lee) in me. He told the class after his near accident, he vowed to teach in driving school and tell us the experiences!

Low's experience 1:
One fine day, he went to the motorcycle shop to change the tires and the boss show him Japan made discounted tires. [He told the class that tires made in different countries such as Thailand, Japan, Germany, etc. Japan made are one of the best]. Not finding anything amiss, Low purchased it without hesitation, thinking he had made a good deal! Riding was fine, braking was supered, and Low was happy.

While Low was riding on a raining day, a car from the side suddenly swerve out in front of him.  He applied the necessary defensive measures to avoid getting too close, but that was when the "good" tires caused him trouble. After he applied the brakes gradually, the wheels of his motorcycle suddenly locked, and he went gliding into the car!

Low questioned the class and all got the wrong answers how the tires caused him that incident. He told the class to look out for the manufactured date at the side of the tires, anything less than a year, don't buy. Usually the sticker would have the date, but if the owner of the shop tore the sticker away, Low said to look at the markings on the side of the tires. Most likely we would spot 4 digit numbers like 3211, which the 1st 2 digits are the weeks and the last 2 digits are the year.

Apparently, the tires he had was manufactured for sometime, and it had hardened. Hence it caused the motorcycle to wheel lock... how I'm uncertain, but that was what he said. As a driver, I do agree with him that we should change tires after 2 years to have effective control of the car. Once I heard my friend said to me that he is still driving his 4 year old tires. Probably because his BMW is heavy..?

Low's experience 2:
One fine day, he went riding on a 3 lane expressway. [I think he talk a lot, and I started think about something else and missed how he got into the accident, hahahaha... can't blame me as a student... most students aren't attentive right? haha]. He hit something and started sliding forward. As he came to a stop, he suddenly felt very very tired and thought he just close his eyes to snooze a while... in THE MIDDLE OF THE EXPRESSWAY!!!! While he was snoozing, he could hear commotion around him, asking him if he's alright and can he open his eyes, but he reluctantly respond to them.

Until when somebody tried to lift his helmet, he responded he's fine and started to get up. He didn't feel uncomfortable, and walk to the side of the expressway. [And he went on telling us about his experience]... his injuries was pretty severe at the back of this arm, due his skidding. Luckily of his haversack, otherwise his back would have been injured as well. At the end, he told all of us to wear proper gear. [Of course, he went on telling about his experience in the hospital, how painful it was changing his medication application on his skin, how the nurse aunties pull out the application.]

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