Friday, May 03, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Orientation

It's very exciting to go back to the the driving school after so many years. Finding my way there was a problem since it moved from AMK to woodlands, and its a left turn in only entrance. Carpark lots were quite scarce about 45 lots scattered on level 1&2 and it was almost full.

The AMK lady (see my previous post) told me to do 3 things before the start of my orientation lesson:
1. Buy your gloves at the canteen on level 1. (Actually, this isn't needed for orientation)
2. Go to level 3 information counter, ask them print a sticker and stick the student number on the student booklet. (This is because AMK branch couldn't print for me when I enrolled there).
3. Go to level 5 for orientation, tell instructor to release me early so I can apply for my PDL at the TP office at level 1 before it close at 5pm. [Updated: I think PDL maybe not needed until you get onto the road?]

My instructor was Lee, and his favorite phrase is "all I can say is...". Because he kept saying it in front of all his sentences for the next 100 minutes. By right, we can end slightly on time, but...

The overview of Orientation in my experience was (not in sequential order):
1. Go to level 3 classroom and chit chat on past riding experience (maybe overseas), q & a on class 3 and bicycle riding experience.
2. Go back level 5 know the places of where to get the gears before riding, lockers ($1 !), raincoats, etc
3. Looking at him riding the bike a while, and him explaining the where and what of the bike.
Then lesson ended.

It ended beyond 5pm, so I couldn't get the PDL.

Then I went off to Helmetboyz to get my own helmet, gloves, elbow and knee guards, head liner, forearm sleeves for hot sun, all for $85! All for learners package! Good deal!

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