Sunday, May 05, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Lesson 1 to 4

Saturday 4 May

I think the calendar provided by SSDC is good to plan my learning schedule. Continuing from Friday, today I attended lesson 1-4.

As there was no reference for the lessons, I scouted around the Internet to find out more. Probably the forums might have something but it seemed an uphill task to hunt for words like lessons which is far too common! Then I asked friends who had took lessons previously, but they couldn't recall much as they had completed them many years ago.

Probably I was too excited about the whole learning experience that I looked into such lessons too seriously. There were 2 sessions of lessons 1 and 2 spread throughout the day, and according to Lee, we need not take them in sequential order, but I took it in sequence starting from 8.15am.

Lessons 1 and 2 are basically for learners who have not yet pass the basic theory test, and for learners like me who has class 3, they are merely refresher classes. I thought there wasn't a need to bring the given textbooks and I was wrong! So in the end I couldn't reference to anything. These 2 lessons covered things like traffic rules, traffic signs, right of ways, and everything else you can find in the basic theory textbook. 

During the 35 min break, instructor Faisal said if we are continuing lesson 2, we could leave our student booklet with him in the class. By the way, nobody said about submitting the booklet upon entering the class!! Boy was I elated to find the Traffic Police office opened, and I managed to get my PDL during the break! Lucky me!

Instructor Faisal was straight to the point and had few light moments during the class. I think he could be a good practical lesson instructor. 

Sunday 5 May

I continued lessons 3 and 4, and started at 8.15am as well. It was very tiring to have continuing lessons for 3 days. Maybe it's a sign of aging!

For lessons 3 and 4, it's best to bring both text book. Depending on the instructor I guess, this instructor Mohd Ali referred to both. By the way, I don't know why only lessons 3 and 4 require a short 15 questions assessment, the previous lessons 1 and 2 didn't have it.

Mohd Ali was jovial and placed importance on safety and hazards on the road. 

After the lessons, I tried to book my first practical on 11 May Saturday. Apparently, I need to visit the information counter at level 3 to "register" my PDL before booking, and I have to find out through rejection from the computer booking system! I also paid for my Defensive Riding Theory lessons 5 - 7 as well

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