Saturday, April 27, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Registration

Finally, I've decided that I should take up Class2B after many years of procrastination. I've been driving with Class 3 over 15 years, and it's exciting to learn something new. One of my buddies said it seems like I'm having a mid-life crisis... hahaha, whatever it is, I will accomplish this.
There were several questions running through my head when I drove myself to the Ang Mo Kio branch, but I just signed up anyway. More info from their website here: SSDC
The lady at the AMK branch was helpful in explaining the progressive lessons and tests conducted by SSDC, but I was still clueless because that's too overwhelming information within a short time.
All I know was that I didn't need to take Basic Theory Test (BTT) because I already have a Class 3 license!
Right now, I have to clear the orientation lesson and I can apply for the provisional driving license (PDL). Thereafter, I have to attend all lessons 1-4 (out of a total of 7 theory lessons). 
So, I booked the orientation lesson with the lady for 3rd May at 3.20pm.

Fees were exactly same as stated on their website:
Enrolment and first 4 lessons: $74.90
Orientation lesson: $21.40

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