Friday, December 11, 2015

32 Upper Cross Street. Chiew Kee Noodle House

Lunch was a bus ride to upper cross street. Lingwei introduced me the infamous chicken noodles. Gossips/ myths/ legend said the nearby similar eatery selling similar food is owned by someone whom was in the same business as Chiew Kee, but for some reasons they fell out. Anyway, business is thriving for them, queues during lunch can be snaking like long. Luckily we got there in time. Interestingly, they only sell one type of chicken, soy sauce braised chicken.

I ordered a chicken back noodles at $7, he ordered chicken back hor fun at $7. Waiter recommended us meat dumpling soup and vege in oyster sauce which we declined.
I say the chicken is tender and soy sauce chicken is marinated and skillfully cook. Not over salty or tasteless. Noodles texture is chewy and and taste good with really fresh spring onions. Portions of meat given is well worth $7, although I would appreciate lesser portions at appropriate cheaper price. 

Ventilation was not perfect, my office attire is filled with food, but can't expect much at the price. Mostly tables are shared amongst customers having meals there, what can I say, it looks like old timer small business.

I would return and taste it again, but I like to try their competitor also to find out if the taste differs.

Operating hours unknown to me, but I'm sure the Internet has more answers to that. By the way, their competitor was closed during Friday lunch which seems odd.

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