Sunday, November 10, 2013

Class 2B from Class 3 (SSDC): Practical Lesson 7 Session 1 and 2

Finally, the last lesson. All of us were assessed for this round like a mock up TP test, that's means combining circuit assessment like lesson 4 and road assessment like lesson 6. For this on road assessment, the assessor will be following you on a 1-to-1 basis.
As the group was bigger than 6, we were split into 2 groups. 1 group will be in the circuit, the other will be on the road.
I started off with the road, and it went well. Naturally, I started to have confidence. The assessment would not start straight away, we had a 1-to-1 riding around the housing estates for the instructor to point out our on road mistakes.
Route was Woodlands E4, u-turn after overhead bridge,  turn right to Woodlands Dr 60, turn left to Woodlands Crescent, then left to Woodlands Ave 9, all the way until the Republic Poly before continuing to Ave 5 do a u-turn, the turn left into Ave 4, then right into E5, and turn into school.
After that, your mistakes would be revealed to you, but take it with a pinch of salt, different instructor have different opinion. Generally, it's meant for your road safety.
When everyone in your group completes the road warm up, the assessment starts with the test route without stopping at point 1 (fire hydrant ) and point 2 (lamp post after the speed limit sign after u-turn along Ave 9. That went pretty well for me.
Then, the groups exchange, and I went into the circuit. Having rode so many times in the circuit, any of us will be confident. But I failed.
After the crank course, we would need to turn right where a lot of cars would be doing the reverse or parallel parking. So happened there was a car which stopped just slightly before the crank course exit and I thought the car might be waiting for his turn in front, so I went behind the car since there was no signal indication. Boy was I wrong, the reversing lights of the car started to light up and there was my immediate failure.
I tried to argue with the instructor but he was stern and said such situation is very likely to occur in the carparks. C'mon, I've been driving for 15 years and I've never seen such drivers. I didnt want to make a scene and just went to book another slot.
So came the next session, and I'm very vigilant about not to rush and plan my riding in a timely manner. I started to realised I needn't rush through and could still complete my course. Thanks to the instructor who was stern to me. I completed my lesson 7 and booked my TP which was 2 months away.

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