Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Class 2 The final path

Again, after waiting out the 1 year probation period, I had signed up for Class 2. This shall be my final leg of the motorcycle learning journey and I hope all those who had found my blog useful on tips to pass Class 2B and Class 2A useful. Again, the posts I have done up were correct as of date posted, and I do recognised the school had updated certain training since then. Generally, you should always view my blogs as a point of reference and not instructional.

Having rode for more than 2 years, I find that riding defensively is very useful and keep a watch out for your own safety and others around you. Does not matter if you are slow on the road, as long as you are correct and can get to your destination safely. Being a driver for coming to 20 years, the general rule of thumb I have learnt from the accidents I encountered is to keep calm and do not let emotions get into your head.

Ride safe everyone! Live to ride another day!

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