Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class 2A (including Class 2) Traffic Police Test

I could have taken the earlier date in March if not for the business trip to Hong Kong. After I booked the available date in April, a few days later I noted an earlier date in April! Oh well, the policy said no refunds. Hence, I started in November 2014, cleared everything in December 2014, could have attempted in March 2015, and now I passed my Class 2A! Hooray!

Traffic Police test for Class 2A/2.

It must be an old habit, during the Circuit Revision on Sunday, I asked the instructor what to bring for the test just to confirm. He said:
1) NRIC / passport
2) Driving license

5.40am Old habits die hard (See my Class 2B TP test). I woke up at this time again and had a light breakfast.

6.40am Left for SSDC

7.05am reached SSDC, saw a few students on level 5. Instructor shown us a list of our names and our pre-assigned number. I was number 9 today (Again!? must be a coincidence), so we had to take our respective number tag and surrender our NRIC and Driving License. I began putting on my riding gear.

7.15am all of us were told to go down to level 1 and start our warm up.Then I realised that the test today only have Class 2A and Class 2. I rode for about 4 rounds until all of us were round up to line up the bikes for the test later. 

7.55am We went to the Motorcycle Test Waiting area, and were told to take out our number tags. We could go for a break until 8.20am. So I went to the canteen and had a warm Kopi-O and plain bee hoon.. (again! haha.. routine habits for TP test. Ok I added luncheon meat this time).

8.30am We were rounded up to the circuit for a recap session. One instructor demonstrated how to lift up a Honda CB400, and push a figure 8 cycle around two cones. The other instructor rode 1 round to demonstrate the needful.

The instructors supervisor gave us a briefing on test routes and answered some testees' uncertainties. Sometimes, he would talk to us like we are just fresh trainees taking the riding course, but he is very concern about the safety for all of us, so I have to give that to him. 

9.30am Test started. There 6 for Class 2 and 19 for Class 2A. Throughout my test, I was aware of my mistakes and continue riding. The throttle for CB400 is so sensitive even the slightest nudge at it would push the speed of the bike. Many of us didn't like it, but we can't choose too much as well. There is just this limited number of bikes. 

10.15am completed my test. Return my number tag at level 1 along with others waiting at the starting point area. Had a 10 minute break. 

10.40am last person (number tag 25) returned, and all 25 of us rode the bikes up to return at Level 5. I went to my bike to put my helmet and get my personal stuff. 

11.10am We started waiting. The testers only started to come in at 12.05pm... it was such a long wait. Two guys I was talking to just now was wiped out, "Team SMU" polo shirt guy and bro Mudai from SingaporeBikes SYM group. All the best guys to your next test!

12.25pm Finally, the instructor announced "Congratulations, all of you have passed!" and I congratulated the Sikh next to me! We watched a mandatory video about road safety and accidents, and theft incidents and had to recite a riders pledge. 

Class 2A license completed, new sticker pasted over my license. Another year's wait for Class 2! 

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