Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Defensive riding is key

I have never take heed in the advices of my instructors in the driving schools (SSDC) until I started riding.

As an experienced driver, I have never understand the term "defensive riding".

Even with the videos and lessons given in the classes, I could not decipher what is so important.

With an expensive equipment in SSDC on riding simulation, I didn't feel the need of defensive riding.

UNTIL I started riding... I realised it is very important. 

I asked some of my friends and colleagues who stopped riding. Many said even they have been riding many years, it is still dangerous to them. 

No matter how slow or safe we ride, there are still erroneous road users out there... sometimes including me. 

Motorcycle Accident in Singapore @ 080912


1st Feb 2013 Accident in Singapore


Bike skid on KPE


A motorcycle skidded at the KPE entrance


There are a plenty of videos out there. 

  • Riders must always stay visible during day and night. 
  • Don't "hide" in the blind spot of the other road users, including behind big vehicles.
  • Take care of your motorcycle by servicing it regularly, replacing the parts where necessary, don't save the money because it will save your life. Money can still be earned back, otherwise don't buy a motorcycle if it eats your budget. Remember, get something that is comfortable to your budget. 
Since I am still a "P" plate rider, the more I should exercise defensive riding and cautious. I will ride at a moderate speed and keep to an appropriate lane. It will be advantageous to ALWAYS keep a look out for all vehicles around you, especially those road users whom doesn't practise signal early. I have a habit to make sure my lights are bright, so I could observe objects on the roads that doesn't send me flying in the air.  

Being paranoid is one thing, enjoy riding is another. Safe riding to whoever is reading this. 

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