Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pig's trotter @ Bedok

[13 Jan - Lunch]
We went to "Western Food 85" to try the deep fried pig's trotter as recommended by Makan King 2. The meat was good as it is still juicy, and the outer skin is crispy and tasty. It is conveniently sliced so that we won't have trouble cutting it ourselves, which is another plus point for them.
Next dish we tried was the chilli fish. The fish is sliced in half from the belly and chilli paste is stuffed into it. Then it is baked till cooked and served. The chilli was tasty and compliments the fish well. With the lime squeezed onto the fish, it addes citrus to the overall taste.
Lastly we tried the Kambing Tuluang. No meat but just bones here, and we have to suck the insides of the bone to eat the juicy stuff. My buddy says there are better tuluang elsewhere, and this is first one I tried. So, no comments on this one though. By the way, the tuluang is not on the menu! 

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